Kuntal Chakraborty

Contributor, Expert Reviewer, Web Entrepreneur, Former IT Engineer at SIEMENS


Kuntal Chakraborty is an IT Engineer by profession and education. He has worked as a Systems Engineer and Network Engineer in SIEMENS, ATOS, TVSNet, etc companies. He was an engineer of the Global Telecom Operation team at SIEMENS and ATOS, working with international clients across the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, etc countries. He is also experienced working in network infrastructure configuring CISCO routers and switches. His current working domain is Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning (ML). He works independently for a global remote-first company in their AI projects, for their client a major social media network platform. Also as a part of AMAZON's ALEXA DEVELOPER crowd team, Kuntal has independently built a few Alexa skills for the Amazon Alexa Skill store.

Being an enthusiast about remote work culture and virtual workforce, Kuntal has started his web entrepreneurship journey a few years ago.
In the year 2020, he founded Philarity.Com (a web resource encouraging remote job enthusiasts) and published his first book from Amazon.

On the other side, Kuntal is passionate about writing and writes about various topics on his own blog and other websites as well. The topics include the latest technologies and their possibilities, remote work culture, web entrepreneurship, etc.

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