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John Meah is a freelance writer, a CISSP & CCSK Certified Cybersecurity specialist, and an Full Member of the Chartered Institute of Information Security. John works for an International offshore Bank and has 18 years of IT & Information Security experience within the Banking, Financial, and Logistics service sectors. Before the 2008 financial crash, he walked the Trade floor of Bear Stearns International in One Canada Square, Canary Wharf.

John has successfully implemented a Secure-SDLC; he’s responsible for Security Oversight for projects across all jurisdictions. Including system design decisions and implementations, vendor relationships, and so much more.

“I’ve witnessed first-hand the effects of crime, specifically the aftermath of crime. I remember the look on my Dad’s face the very morning he opened the curtains to see that criminals had taken his pride and joy. I had a similar expression on my face when thieves stole my shiny new bike from outside the local Bank - I’d left it for less than 5 minutes.

Before having a cybersecurity career, I spent many years attending crime scenes, specifically car crime. I was picking up the pieces in conjunction with Law Enforcement and other Emergency services.

At a deep level security has always been top of mind for me; it’s in my nature to ask questions, to be curious, to be vigilant. This ‘Security Mindset’ translates into Zero tolerance for any cybercrime and a Zero Trust by Design viewpoint.'

John’s creative fuse was lit after submitting a short piece for a slogan competition in ‘Manchester Life’, a UK publication.

His successful prize-winning entry became the catalyst needed to launch his creative writing journey.

John writes for Techopedia, ClearVoice, InfoSec Magazine, Pulse magazine and has been featured in Writers&

With a passion for creative writing, coupled with a fascination for anything cyber-related; he’s now in the middle of writing his Cyber Thriller.

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