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Artificial intelligence is a field of study in which computer programs use statistical analysis to learn by themselves how to perform specific tasks more accurately. Whether you’re a beginner who needs to define an industry term or a professional seeking strategic advice, this IT Knowledge Center will help you learn about the technologies that support AI, including machine learning, deep learning, robotics and software bots.

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Demand forecasting is not a new concept in the supply chain. In fact, it is often referred to as ‘guessing between the goalposts,’ and...

AI adoption requires a lot of cross-team engagement and collaboration, but despite the large contribution to the global economy AI presents to...

Artificial Intelligence Downloads

Image for The Ultimate Guide to Applying AI in Business
Out of nearly 1,000 people surveyed, nearly half didn't understand AI or ML, even though many were already working with it.
Image for AI and ML in the Oil and Gas Industry
Take a look at 10 real-world use cases that demonstrate how AI and ML are already being used in the oil and gas industry, and how AI innovation can help renew the...
Image for AI in the Insurance Industry: 26 Real-World Use Cases
Discover what the future of insurance holds and how AI innovation can be used to hit the mark even more precisely.
Image for Machine Learning and Why It Matters
Read the basics and essential concepts that help define machine learning and its new important role in business as we know it.

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