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Chief Data Officer

A chief data officer (CDO) is a senior executive who is tasked with managing and improving the organization's ability to...
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Meet Our Experts

Inbal Tadeski

Data Scientist at Anodot

Inbal Tadeski is a data scientist at Anodot, the Autonomous Business Monitoring company. Previously, Inbal was a research engineer at HP Labs, where she specialized in machine learning and data mining. She holds an MSc in computer science with a focus on machine learning from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a BSc in computer science from Ben Gurion University.

John Meah

Cybersecurity Oversight Specialist | Expert Reviewer | Freelance Writer

John Meah is a freelance writer and a CISSP|MCIIS|CCSK Certified Cybersecurity specialist. John has 18 years of IT & Information Security experience within the Banking, Financial, and Logistics service sectors. Currently, he is responsible for security oversight, Secure-SDLC, system design decisions & implementations, vendor relationships, and so much more.John writes for Techopedia, ClearVoice, InfoSec Magazine, Pulse magazine and has been featured in Writers&Artists.co.ukWith a passion for creative writing, coupled with a fascination for anything cyber-related; he’s now in the middle of writing his Cyber Thriller.

Nati Shalom

Founder and CTO at Cloudify

Nati Shalom is the founder and CTO of Cloudify, a serial entrepreneur and thought leader in open-source, multi-cloud orchestration, network virtualization, DevOps and more. Nati has received multiple recognitions from publications such as The CIO Magazine and YCombinator and is one of the leaders of Cloud Native and DevOps Israel groups. Nati is also a frequent presenter at industry conferences.

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